Don’t have time to meditate – A sadhak’s perspective

when you dont have time to meditate

A sadhak is one who has embarked on the path of self-discovery. This self-discovery rest on the ground of daily practice.

On the path of sadhana, there is usually three paths viz Bhakti, Gyana and Karma Yoga. All these path have their own sadhana and meditation practices. Common to all these path is the spirit of abhyasa (constant practice) and vairagya (unattachment). One has to constantly keep on practicing that will lead to increase in vairagya and increasing vairagya will increase the practice. Both of these works in the closed feedback system.

Today we will discuss what is the importance of daily sadhana and ways to find time for our daily sadhana in our life.

Why daily sadhana (dhyana) is important?

The success of any technique of sadhana or meditation depends om the consistency and sincerity of the practice. Enrolling in some random meditation course and doing it for a few days after the course is of no help. Then people often start blaming the technique and the often complaint that the technique was not right. Many often people have the tendency to enrol in courses after courses in different organisation without sticking and practicing a technique whole heartedly. We have to remember that we reach to the water in the well after digging a single place continuously and not shifting to other area after digging for 5 feet. The importance of daily practice can be gauged from the fact that if one leaves even a single day of sadhana one goes back on the path by three day.

A proper meditation technique should increase the detachment (vairagya) in oneself and to one’s possession. So daily meditation will help in increasing the sense of detatchment to the ups and downs of the life. Advanced meditation practitioners can sense the increasing stickiness to life situation if one has not done the daily meditation practice. Often in such situation one can observe various negative and positive thoughts start affecting us. Hence daily meditation schedule must be first priorty for a sadhak.

Apart from these, daily meditation is like the fountain of energy and detachment in life. Daily practice makes one more disciplined and this is reflected in all the work done by the sadhak. Often the focus in their daily work is greater and work too starts becoming the meditation.

How to find time for meditation?

Setting our priority right

Often people find time for the things which they find important in their life. For e.g. A person who does the job has always in his mind the importance of going to the job on the time. He will persist and keep doing the job even if there is great difficulty in commuting by braving the daily morning and evenin’g traffic jam. He will persist on his job irrespective of the fact that the boss is very strict and doesn’t give any leaves. It’s the question of bread and butter and hence the person will face all odds and keep doing it.

Similarly for a earnest sadhak, one has to understand the importance of our daily meditation. The person will automatically get inspiration from inside if is serious towards one sadhana. What will a rat do when it gets trapped in the  cage. It gives cent percentage to come out of the cage by putting all its energy. It will try to act with all its intellect it has to come out of the trap. Similarly for the sincere sadhak, this samsara is also a trap and the sincere sadhak will do all one can to come out of this samsara.

If one doesn’t get the inspiration to do daily sadhana, then there is lack of vairagya in ones life. Then one should read scripture and contemplate on the nature of ones life until the vairagya develops.

Cutting on useless watching TV, social media and gossip

Often we mindlessly pass our time idling here and there and gossiping on useless things. With the advent of social media, the facebook and whatsapp have ample fodder for our time-pass. One just has to keep scrolling and you will be bombarded with new posts and new information. Often such apps have features which can track our usage and understands our likes and dislikes. So we will get more such posts and we keep on scrolling until we are addicted to the social media.

So as sincere sadhak, one has to cut on the time wasted in all these stuffs and automatically one gets time for meditation.

Managing our sleep

Most of the people sleep for 7 hours of sleep daily to reenergize oneself. Often when one is disturbed mentally, the hours of sleep also increases. But the increase the sleep hours doesn’t mean the quality of sleep has also gone up. Often the opposite is true.

When one practices sadhana daily, we notice that the need of our sleep also decreases. The yogic fact behind is this phenomenon is due to decreasing detatchment, the mind remains in equanimity (samatvam) more. So the samskaras on the mind is reduced and hence the mind has to process less information in the sleep to reenergize. So by daily meditation, one can easily cut an hour from our sleep quota. Often when one is advanced in the sadhana, the requirement of sleep reduces to minimum and one can practice ones sadhana whole night. That is why in Bhagwad Geeta it is told that the yogi awakes the whole night. That means yogi’s sleep also becomes dhyana.

Making a strict timetable

For a sadhak, it is very important to have a strict time-table and a well-disciplined life. It is all the more important early in adhyatmik life. When one is at the beginning of ones sadhana life, often the mood swings are very high in daily life. The samskaras of the worldly life are still very strong and they can easily sway the sadhak from the path of the sadhana. Hence keeping a daily dairy and timetable with keeping a strong check on mind is very important.

Enrolling in a meditation retreat

Human mind is collection of habit patterns (samskaras). These samskaras will not allow the person to embark on the  path of sadhana. However strong intent the person may have the waves of the samsara will carry him. In such condition it is very necessary that one enrolls oneself in some meditation retreat periodically. Usually in such retreat the schedule is very tight and discipline is maintained strictly. These outer tough condition can help the sadhak in the early phases of the spiritual life. We will discuss about importance of meditation retreats in future posts.

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