The word ‘Sangha’ means a group. Dhyan Bodh is a sangha of sadhakas or seekers where we do not encourage a guru based cult unlike what various spiritual organisations do now-a-days.

Our sangha is not based on faith oriented system like the bhakti path. we are on the path of gyana, where rational thinking and questioning is promoted provided the seeker is genuine and an active practitioner. This is not to discount Bhakti but we believe Bhakti succeeds the Gyana.

The Sangha system was originated in the sramanik tradition amongst the Shaivaits, Jainas and the Buddhists. Such a Sangha was very important for the intellectual as well as adhyatmik (Spiritual) development of the sadhakas.

Sangha as an institute, provided basic amenities like food, clothing and shelter for proper sadhana. Sangha was supported by generous donations made by householders who regarded such monks as their preceptors. Sangha also acted as a motivator for the householders to take up sadhana.

Dhyanbodh as a sangha will  achieve the ideals set by our Rishi Parampara of Indian culture.

You are welcome to join our Sangha for membership. However, please go through the rules of the Sangha before applying.