About Us

Dhyan Bodh is an effort in the direction of discovering oneself. The day one takes birth, one is inundated in the Waves of Samsara. Without finding out one’s real nature the man spends his whole life in search of happiness in the illusion and transiency of Samsara. He fails to realize the source of everlasting bliss is deep within and not in the transitory and momentary world.

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To gain access to this elixir of true joy inside us we have to start looking within ourselves and meditation is the only way to return to our source.

Dhyan Bodh is a step in this direction that provides a resource and a dedicated group to such seekers who  actively are willing to take up meditation as a Sadhana.

Our Vision and Goal

  • To provide conducive environment to serious seekers for Sadhana as a part of Sangha. Know more
  • To actively pursue research on Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhist, Sankhya, Jaina and other Indic text from Sadhana perspective and as a part of swadhyaya.
  • To promote and spread the knowledge of ancient Sanskrit text amongst the youth.
  • To promote yoga as a science of knowing oneself and as a path of Sadhana. Unlike restricting it to only health and fitness, which is being promoted as a popular culture by media.
  • To promote Gyan Marg and Dhyan Marg of Hinduism.
  • To provide guidance to genuine seekers in the path of Sadhana towards Gyana Marga i.e., the path of intellect.
  • To engage discourses in Indian as well as western philosophy.